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Sungrow 5kW Hybrid Inverter Price in Pakistan 2024 On-Grid SG5K-D Specifications

Sungrow 5kW Inverter Overview:

Sungrow 5kW inverter is now available in Pakistan for single-phase electricity connections. This is a 5000-watt hybrid inverter model and it provides an efficiency of up to 98.4%. Its solar charge type is MPPT and has a 2 MPPT charge controller. The Sungrow 5kW inverter datasheet is given below with complete Specifications. Sungrow 5kW inverter price in Pakistan 2024 is 232000.
Sungrow 5kW Hybrid Inverter On Grid

This smart hybrid model supports the grid, so you can export extra electricity to the grid station (WAPDA). In my point of view this Sungrow inverter, with a 98.4% efficiency, the net metering feature, and a cost-effective price is best for loads up to 5kW. It supports solar panels up to 600 wattages and you can install total solar panels up to 6500 wattages. You can easily run a 1.5-ton air conditioner with other appliances from this inverter after installing the full amount of solar panels.


It has different settings and you can control its functionality from LCD as well as the mobile application. You can also attach a generator and MEPCO electricity supply with this 5 kW hybrid inverter for supplying uninterrupted electricity to different types of equipment.

Its LCD shows different functionality including error codes, these fault codes come to the display when some fault occurs in the device. This smart solar inverter power can be used to give electricity to different types of home appliances including Air Conditioner, Water-Pump, light bulbs, fans, refrigerator, LCD, LED, Laptop, Mobilephone, and other home or office devices.

A detailed user manual comes with this solar inverter. You should install the DC circuit breaker between the device and the solar panels.

Price in Pakistan: Rs. 232,000/-



It has built-in arresters and different protections including AC short-circuit protection, PV reverse connection protection, Leakage Current Protection, and over-load protection.


You can control the functionality of this Sungrow inverter and monitor its daily performance from the mobile application while connecting the device to the wifi. You can download the APP from the Google Play store and Apple Store.


The MPPT range of this device is between 90 volts to  560 volts and the minimum panel input voltage is 90 and a minimum of 120 volts is required to start up the machine.


Sungorw Power Supply is a China-based company that provides a limited warranty for 5 years purchased through authorized dealers and distributors. You can claim this warranty from your local authorized dealer.

Sungorw 5kW Hybrid Inverter On-grid Price in Pakistan 2024 (6500-watt panel) & Full Specifications:

ModelSungrow 5kW Hybrid Inverter SG5K-D
Capacity (Watts)5000 watt
Max. Solar panels support6500 watt
Solar Charger Type
No. of MPPT2
Max. PV Input Voltage
600 volt
Max. Number of PV Strings
1 (Per MPPT)
Start-up Voltage120 volt
Min. PV Input Voltage
90 volt
Max. PV Input Current
20 Amp (10 A / 10 A)
Max. PV Short-Circuit Current
24 Amp (12 A / 12 A)
Max. Current Input Connector
24 Amp (12 A / 12 A)
MPP Voltage Range
260 volt ~ 480 volt
Weight11.5 kg
Auto ChargeYes
Auto RestartYes
Power Loss Night Mode
<1 watt
Cooling Method
Natural Cooling (Fans)
Operating Temperature
-25° C to 60° C
PV Connection Type
Grid Support
Active and Reactive Power Control
Protection Degree
AC Output Data:
AC Output Power
4990 VA
Max. AC Output Current
21.7 Amp
AC Voltage Range
180 – 276 Vac
Nominal AC Voltage
230 Vac
Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
< 3 % (of nominal power)
Power Factor
< 0.5 % (of nominal current)
Max. Efficiency98.4 %
Euro Efficiency98 %
AC Short Circuit Protection
PV Reverse Connection ProtectionYes
PV String Current Monitoring
Leakage Current Protection
Grid MonitoringYes
Overvoltage Protection
AC Type 2
N.W (KGS)11.5 Kilograms
14.1 x 15.3 x 5.2 inches (Width x Height x Depth )
Warranty5 years
Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the Specs/Prices on this page are 100% correct (Human error is possible). For correct info. always visit the nearest local shop. All logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners,
  • This price is valid in all cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Peshawar, Sargodha, Sialkot, and Quetta.
  • You can buy online in Pakistan and also from local shops in different cities in Pakistan. You can also avail of this product’s options of Cash on Delivery (COD) from different online stores.


Sungrow 5kW Hybrid Inverter Fault/Error Codes:

In case of any fault first, try to solve it by restarting the inverter. If the problem persists then check the error code with possible faults. You can check different error codes with their fault reason by reading the error on your screen.

Fault CodesFault Reason
002Grid voltage exceeds the protective value.
003Grid transient voltage exceeds the permissible range.
004Grid voltage is below the protective value.
005Grid voltage is too low.
006The AC output current exceeds the inverter’s allowable upper limit.
007Transient AC overcurrent.
008Grid frequency exceeds the protective value.
009Grid frequency is below the allowable lower limit.
010Grid failure.
011DC current injection of AC current exceeds the upper limit.
012Failure current is detected
014The average grid voltage in 10 minutes exceeds the permissible range.
015The grid voltage exceeds the protective range.
016Bus voltage or power is high.
019The transient bus voltage exceeds the inverter’s allowable upper limit
020Bus voltage is high.
021PV1 input over-current.
022PV2 input overcurrent is detected
028PV1 reverse connection.
029PV2 reverse connection.
036Temperature of a radiator is too high.
037The internal temperature is too high.
038Relay fault.
039Insulation resistance of PV to earth is low.
041Leakage current sampling fault.
043The ambient temperature inside is too low.
044Self-test fault.
045PV1 boost circuit failure.
046PV2 boost circuit failure.
047The PV configuration in the phone application is not by the configuration in the connection cabinet.
048Phase current sampling fault.
053Slave DSP detects that the grid voltage exceeds the allowable upper limit.
054Slave DSP detects that the grid frequency exceeds the allowable upper limit.
056Slave DSP detects that the leakage current exceeds the allowable upper limit.
057Auxiliary DSP AC sampling channel anomaly.
058Auxiliary DSP detects AC DC injection exceeds the set protected value range.
059Communication alarm between master DSP and slave DSP.
060Main and auxiliary DSP sampling differences occur.
061Alarm for no inverter type setting.
070Defective fans.
084Warning for reverse cable connection of the Sungrow Meter.
085Mismatched software version
087Arc detection module abnormal
100AC output current exceeds the upper limit.
101The grid frequency exceeds the protective range.
102The grid frequency is below the protective range.
106Abnormal grounding.
200Bus voltage exceeds the protective range.
201Bus voltage is too low.
202PV hardware over-current fault.
203PV input voltage exceeds the bus voltage.
306Input and output power mismatching.
315PV 1 current sampling fault.
316PV 2 current sampling fault.
320Fault in leakage current sensor.
409Failure of all temp. sensor.
503Ambient temperature sensor open circuit warning.
504Ambient temperature sensor short circuit warning.
505Warning of Radiator temperature sensor open circuit.
506Warning of Radiator temperature sensor short circuit warning.
514Abnormal communication warning of the Energy Meter.

Sungrow 5kW Inverter Features:

  • Cost-effective
  • Export power control with a smart energy meter
  • Efficiency up to 98.4%
  • Self-consumption and feed-in to the grid
  • Dual MPPT
  • 220-volt Single-phase
  • Flexible panels string input
  • Compact Design
  • Can be monitored via Mobile Application
  • Pure sine wave
  • Over-the-air firm update
  • Built-in surge arresters
  • Compatible with mains voltage or generator power
  • Auto restart while AC is recovering
  • Short Circuit/Overload/Over temperature protection
  • Wi-Fi Monitoring

Weight and Dimensions:

The weight of the Sungrow SG5K-D hybrid inverter is 11.5 kg and the width is 14.1 inches, the height is 15.3 inches and the depth is 5.2 inches.

Display LCD Panel:

LCD Screen
Shows current operating data, settings, and fault codes.
ButtonSet or view parameters via the button.
LED Indicator
Red / Green (Shows the current state of an inverter)

In the package:

Hybrid inverter1
User manual1
Wall mounting bracket
DRM / meter connector
1 Pair
Crim Contact
2 Pair
M4x10 grounding screw
M4x80 screw
1 Set
PV connector set 2 Pair
AC connector
1 Set

LCD Settings:

  • Maximum charging current
  • AC input voltage range
  • Battery Type: AGM or Flooded
  • Auto-restart when an overload occurs
  • Auto-restart when over-temperature occurs
  • Output frequency
  • Maximum utility charging current
  • Charger source priority
  • Alarm control
  • Auto return to default display screen
  • Backlight control
  • Beeps while the primary source is interrupted
  • Bulk charging voltage (C.V voltage)
  • Floating charging voltage
  • Low DC cut-off voltage
  • Battery equalization
  • Battery equalization voltage


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