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Phoenix Battery Price in Pakistan 2018

Phoenix Battery
Phoenix battery is manufactured by Century Engineering Industries (Private) Limited and this company established in Pakistan in 2005. Phoenix batteries are available from Phoenix dealers, distributors & shops all around Pakistan at a competitive price. These batteries are available in different capacities. Below you can check Phoenix Battery Price list 2018 with complete specifications. Six months of free replacement warranty comes with each battery.

At the time of writing this article, Phoenix has 296 Dealers, 43 Products, and 9 Generators all over Pakistan. You can buy from Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and all other cities in Pakistan. Phoenix batteries are manufactured with a high-grade polymer material. These batteries are compatible with the Solar system, UPS, Generators, Cars, Jeeps, Buses, Tractors, and other machinery.

Phoenix Battery Price in Pakistan 2018, Price list, Latest Models, info.

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Phoenix GSB 35 Battery
Rs. 2,600

Phoenix Rickshaw 40 Battery
Rs. 2,600

UGS 50 Battery
Rs. 4,000

CNG 50 Battery
Rs. 4,000

CNG 60 Battery
Rs. 5,000

Rs. 5,200

UGS 90
Rs. 5,800

UGS 125
Rs. 8,600

EXT 125
Rs. 9,000

EXT 130
Rs. 9,200

XP 135
Rs. 9,700

UGS 140
Rs. 9,500

XP 145
Rs. 10,200

XP 160R
Rs. 11,500

XP 165
Rs. 11,800

XP 170R
Rs. 12,000

UGS 175
Rs. 12,700

XP 185
Rs. 12,600

XP 205
Rs. 15,200

UGS 215
Rs. 15,000

XP 220
Rs. 16,000

Phoenix XP 230
Rs. 17,000

Phoenix XP 260 Battery
Rs. 18,500

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Some Important Tips for Purchasing New Battery and Prolonging Battery Performace:

  • Always purchase a fresh manufactured lead-acid battery. (You can check battery manufactured date written on the warranty Card.)
  • After putting the electrolyte in it, leave the it for at least 40 minutes.
  • Charge, till it reaches to 15 Volts.
  • Close and tight all the caps of it.
  • Use only high-quality terminal.

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Battery with UPS (Inverter):

  • Keep the batteries in a ventilated place. (During charging, especially in an over-charging lead-acid battery produce gas. This gas is not good for the health. You should place it, where air ventilation is available.)
  • Most Imp. Do not charge it over 10 Ampere. otherwise, the temperature rises and it will damage the cells.
  • Use only quality terminal and wire for connection with the inverter.
  • From time to time the electrolyte level comes down, it must be filled with distilled water. The electrolyte should not be increased the above line marked otherwise after some time cap sealed get softer and in the resulting leakage of electrolyte.
  • Keep the battery & terminal dry and clean.
  • After some time, white powdery corrosion occurs around the terminal. You can clean this by pouring the hot water on it.

Phoenix Battery Dealers & Distributor in Pakistan

Phoenix Battery Contact Office:
Century Engineering Industries Private Limited.
B-35,S.I.T.E.-II,Super Highway, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone No.: +92 021-36881827,38661753
E-mail: “[email protected]
Phoenix Website: “phoenixbattery.com.pk”

Disclaimer: We tried our best, but we cannot guarantee that the Price & other info. of Phoenix products on this page is 100% correct (Human error is possible). For correct Specs & Price always visit the nearest local shop. We (PriceCity.com.PK) does not sell any product. We only provide specifications, features, and price in Pakistan of different products from different stores around Pakistan.

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