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Inverex Veyron IV 3.2 kW Inverter Price in Pakistan 2024 Specifications, 3200 watts, MPPT

Inverex Veyron IV 3.2 KW Inverter
Price in Pakistan 2024: Rs.199000

Max. Solar Charging Current

Now you can buy an Inverex hybrid inverter Veyron IV 3.2 kW solar MPPT in Pakistan to reduce your electricity bills. This Inverex model can support solar panels up to 5500 watts and its maximum is 3200 watts.

This Veyron 3.2 KW inverter has a 5-inch capacitive touchpad to control its different functionalities. You can also connect the inverter to the generator and utility. The latest price of Inverex 3.2 kW inverter in Pakistan 2024 is 199000.


This device has different protections including overload, over-temperature, and short circuits. Unlike other models of different brands, you must connect batteries with the inverter but this inverter can run on solar panels without batteries. Inverex 3.2 has a built-in dust kit to protect the hybrid inverter from dust.

You can control its functionality and monitor its performance from the mobile application while connecting the device to the wifi. Its smart battery charge design increases the lifespan of batteries.

To solve the reason for an error, which stops the functionality of an inverter. You can check the fault code table for the reason below.

This smart solar inverter power can be used to give electricity to different types of home appliances including energy savers, light bulbs, fans, refrigerator, LCD, LED, Laptop, and other home or office devices.

You can also download the complete manual for installation and controlling different features. You should install the DC circuit breaker between the inverter and solar panels.

You have to install two batteries of AGM or flooded. The company provides 5 years of warranty including 2 years of product and 3 years of service.

Inverex Veyron IV 3.2 kW Inverter Price in Pakistan 2024, MPPT, & Full Specifications

ModelInverex Veyron IV 3.2 KW Inverter
Capacity (Watts)3200 Watt
Solar Charger Type
Max. Solar Input Power
5500 watt
BatteryCan work without a battery
Start-up Voltage150V
Max. Solar Input open circuit voltage
500 volt DC
Overload Protection5s@≥130% load; 10s@105%~130% load
Max. Charge Current65 Ampere
Max. Solar Charge Current120 Ampere
MPP Operating Charging Current
120 ~ 450 VDC
Storage Temperature
-15 to 60 Degrees C
Operating Temperature-10 to 50 Degrees C
Auto ChargeYes
Auto RestartYes
Touch LCDYes – 5 inches
Output Power Factor
Anti-Dust Kit
No Load Power Consumption
Less than 40 watt
Input Voltage Waveform
Sinusoidal (Generator or Utility)
Pure sine wave
Voltage230 VAC
Selectable Voltage Range
170-280 VAC (For PC), 90-280 VAC (For All Home Appliances)
Voltage120V or 230V AC ±5%
WaveformPure Sinewave
Voltage Regulation230 VAC (Battery Mode)
Surge Power
6400 VA (For 5 Seconds)
Efficiency90% – 93%
Transfer Time15 ms (For PC), 20 ms (For All Home Appliances)
N.W (KGS)9.4
4.52 x 11.81 x 15.74 (D x W x H ) inches
Warranty5 years (2 years product & 3 years service warranty)
Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the Specs/Prices on this page are 100% correct (Human error is possible). For correct info. always visit the nearest local shop.
  • This price is valid in all cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Peshawar, Sargodha, Sialkot, and Quetta.
  • You can buy online in Pakistan and also from local shops in different cities in Pakistan. You can also avail the options of Cash on Delivery (COD) of this product from different online stores.


Inverex Veyron 3.2 KW Solar Inverter Fault Codes & Fault Reason

Fault CodesFault Reason
03Battery voltage is too high
04Battery voltage is too low
05Over-temperature detected by internal converter components or Output short-circuited
06Abnormal output voltage.
07Overload time out
08The bus voltage is too high
09Bus soft start failed
12NTC temperature sensor on the heatsink is failed

Veyron Inverter 3.2 KW Features:

  • Supports USB On-the-Go function
  • Configurable color with the built-in RGB LED
  • Works Without Battery with Solar power
  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • OTG USB connection
  • Built-in Wi-Fi kit for remote controlling and monitoring
  • Built-in anti-dust kit for protection of an inverter from dust
  • Over-temperature / Overload / short circuit protection
  • Compatible with Generator and Utility power
  • Control through a mobile application
  • 5-inch LCD control panel
  • Configurable AC/PV output usage timer and prioritization
  • Smart battery charger design

Veyron 3.2 KW Battery, AC Cable & Terminal Guide

Amperage148 Amp
Battery Capacity200AH
Battery Cable38 mm2
Battery Wire Gauge1 * 2 AWG
AC Wire Gauge12 AWG
Ring Terminal8.4 mm D, 39.2 mm L

Veyron Inverter 3.2 KW LCD Settings:

  • Output power source priority: To configure power source priority
  • Maximum charging current
  • AC input voltage range
  • Battery Type: AGM or Flooded
  • Auto-restart when an overload occurs
  • Auto-restart when over-temperature occurs
  • Output frequency
  • Maximum utility charging current
  • Setting voltage point back to utility source when selecting “SBU priority” or “Solar first” in program 01.
  • Setting voltage point back to battery mode when selecting “SBU priority” or “Solar first” in program 01.
  • Charger source priority
  • Alarm control
  • Auto return to default display screen
  • Backlight control
  • Beeps while the primary source is interrupted
  • Overload bypass
  • Record Fault code
  • Bulk charging voltage (C.V voltage)
  • Floating charging voltage
  • Low DC cut-off voltage
  • Battery equalization
  • Battery equalization voltage

What is in the box:

  • Inverter
  • Battery cable
  • Power cable
  • Communication Cable
  • User Manual
  • Software Disk

Inverex Inverter Models List

Veyron 1.2KW MPPT
Veyron 2.5KW MPPT
Veyron IV 3.2KW MPPT
Nitrox 5KW SP-5G Hybrid
Nitrox 5KW Hybrid
Veyron 5.2KW MPPT
Nitrox 6kw On-grid
Aerox Plus 5.2KW
Nitrox 10KW On-grid
20KW On-grid



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