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Longi 545 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024 Mono Perc Full Specifications

Longi 545 Watt Solar Panel Pakistan
Price in Pakistan 2024: Rs. 22890

A – Tier 1



LONGI is the world’s leading solar panel module producer founded in 2000 and it is the most robust, reliable, and trusted company, whose mission is to build a green world powered with green energy by solar panels. Longi 545 Watt solar panel price in Pakistan 2024 is 22890 and this high-performance mono-perc solar panel is suitable for commercial and household usage.

Longi solar panel is the best option for hybrid inverters in Pakistan among the top Tier-1 solar panels available in the market of Pakistan. You can read the Longi solar panel 545 watt specifications and datasheet in the table below.

LONGI company consists of more than 60,000 employees all around the world and the company falls in 168 number out of Fortune China 500. As of April 15, 2023 brand value of Longi is more than 600 Billion Yuan. This Longi 545-watt solar panel in Pakistan has an efficiency of 21.7%. They are also making Bifacial solar panels and these types of panels are also available in Pakistan. Its first-year power degradation is less than 2% and power degradation from 2 to 25 years is less than 0.55%.


Longi Solar Panels Price List 2024

This manufacturing company is from China and makes reliable, high-performance panels to fulfill the requirements of different fields. This 545 watt mono perc half-cell solar panel weight is 27.5 kg and solar plate length is 90 inches, and the width is 45 inches. You can install this panel with different wattage of hybrid inverters including 1.2kW, 3.2.kW, 5kW, 10kW, 20kW, 100kW, and other models of different brands.

For the safety of the solar module, a 3.2mm tempered glass is installed on each panel and the frame of the panel is made of an anodized aluminum alloy. Some commercial banks and insurance companies are also providing loans in installments for installing solar panels in homes and commercial projects in Pakistan.

These helf-cell mono perc panels are the best choice for installing with your on-grid and other hybrid models of solar inverters and they produce maximum energy for your electricity needs. You can also attach these Longi panels with other brands of solar panels but it is better to install the same brand and the same wattage of panels.

It is the best choice for your electric appliances air conditioners, water pumps, LCDs, Refrigerators, washing machines, and other household and office electronics products. You can install any type of battery bank with an inverter and charge it from these tier-1 panels. These Tier-1 panels are compatible with your net meeting on-grid system and more information is available on the “AEDB” certification website and approval of an application from the DISCOs.

Longi Technology:

Longi is the first China solar enterprise and the eighth in China’s energy and chemical manufacturing industry. This company has been rated AAA for its module bankability ratings seven consecutive times. They are manufacturing solar modules with different innovative technologies:

  • Bifacial Technology
  • RCZ Technology
  • Perc Cell Technology
  • Diamond Wire Wafer-Slicing Technology

Longi solar panel 545 watt datasheet:

You can download the Technical datasheet and specifications of the 545 watt solar panels in PDF format. You can also read the datasheet from reading this article.

Longi 545 watt solar panel voltage & ampere:

The open-circuit voltage of this panel is 49.65 volts and the short-circuit voltage is 13.92 amperes.

Longi 545 watts solar panel performance:

These panels are made of high-quality material and the manufacturer is China’s renowned brand. The 545 Watts panel gives the best performance with up to 21.1% efficiency.

545 watt Panel Features:

  • Advance module technology
  • Excellent performance
  • <2% First-Year power degradation
  • Best shading tolerance
  • Heavy snow load
  • 0.55% year 2-25 power degradation
  • High module quality
  • M10 Gallium-doped wafer
  • Module efficiency up to 21.1%
  • Minimize micro-crack impacts
  • 9-busbar Half-cut Cell
  • Tier-1 quality
  • Class-A application classification


Longi 545 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024 Mono Perc Half-Cut & Full Specifications

Cell TypeMono Perc Half Cut (Mono-crystalline)
Cell Quantity144 (6 x 24)
Panel Wattage545 watt
Module Efficiency21.1%
Open Circuit Voltage49.5 volt
Short Circuit Current13.92 Ampere
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ +85°C
Tier QualityTier 1
Max. System Voltage
Fuse Rating
25 Ampere
Protection Class
Class II
Fire RatingUL Type 1 or 2 IEC Class C
Glass3.2 mm tempered glass
FrameAluminium Alloy Anodized
Solar Junction BoxIP68, 3 Bypass Diodes
4mm² (Output)
Power Output Tolerance0 ~ 3%
Dimensions(90 x 45 x 1.37 inches) (Height x Width x Depth)
Price & Warranty
Price in PakistanRs. 22890
Warranty12 Years (Material), 25 Years (Performance)
Disclaimer: Dear visitors, We did our best but we cannot guarantee that the Specs/Prices on this page are 100% correct (Human error is possible). For correct info. always visit the nearest local shop.
  • This price is valid in all cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Peshawar, Sargodha, Sialkot, Jacobabad, and Quetta.
  • You can buy online in Pakistan and also from local shops in different cities in Pakistan.

Longi 545 Watt Solar Panel Features


The ambient temperature range is from -40 to +85 degrees Celcius and the junction box is of IP68 rating.

Longi Solar Panel Warranty:

The LONGI Solar company provides a product warranty of 12 years for materials and a performance warranty of 25 years for the mono-perc half-cut solar panels. A warranty card comes with each panel and a serial number is written on each warranty card. You can claim the warranty from the distributors/dealers.

545w Dimensions and Weight:

The width of each panel is 45 inches and the length is 90 inches. The weight of this panel is 27.5kg.

Specifications via the image:

You can read and download the technical specs/Datasheet of this Longi solar panel 545-watt by reading from this image.
Longi 545 Watt Solar Panel Specifications Datasheet

Longi 545-watt Solar Panel vs Canadian 545-watt Efficiency:

Both modules fall in the Tier-1 category. The Longi 545-watt solar panel gives an efficiency of up to 21.1% and the Candian 665-watt provides an efficiency of up to 21.3%. The cell quantity of both modules is 144.

Tier-1 Solar Panels Brands in Pakistan:

  • Canadian Solar
  • Longi
  • Jinko Solar
  • Trina Solar
  • JA Solar
  • Risen Energy
  • LG Solar
  • Solar World

Longi Solar Panels Price List:

465 wattRs. 24180
535 wattRs. 29960
540 wattRs. 30240
545 wattRs. 30520
550 wattRs. 30800
555 wattRs. 31080
560 wattRs. 31360
565 wattRs. 31640
570 wattRs. 31920
575 wattRs. 32200
580 wattRs. 32480
585 wattRs. 32760
590 wattRs. 33040
595 wattRs. 33320
600 wattRs. 34200


The dimensions are (90 x 45 x 1.37 inches) (Height x Width x Depth).

Different brands of solar panels are available in Pakistan. The best Tier-1 panel in Pakistan brand names are, Longi, Canadian, Risen, Jinko, JA, Trina, and more.

The Longi 545-watt solar panel has 144 half-cut mono perc cells.

Typically 1-ton inverter air conditioner model consumes electricity from 1000 watts to 1400 watts. So you need at least a total of 2000 watts of solar panels for 1 Ton AC model.

Yes, Longi is manufacturing high-quality panels from advanced module quality. Longi solar panels are of Tier-1 quality.



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