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Haier Automatic Washing Machine 95-1678 Price in Pakistan 2024 Specifications, 400 watts, 9.5kg

Haier Automatic Washing Machine 95-1678 Summary:

This top-load washing machine from the Haier brand has a 9.5kg capacity and Haier automatic washing machine HWM 95-1678 consists of more than 11 programs. The price of a Haier 95-1678 9.5kg automatic washing machine in Pakistan 2024 is 53800. This machine is the best choice for a medium-sized family. It has many options, So you can easily set the functionality of different operations of the fully automatic washing machine.

Price in Pakistan: 80000

9.5 kg
Energy Efficient

You can easily wash jeans, cotton, wool, and synthetics. This machine has the function of a quick wash. The Haier company is providing a 1-year warranty for the washing machine parts and a 10-year motor warranty. You can also use this washing machine with electricity from the solar panels and generator. You can download the specifications and features of HMW95-1678 via this PDF file.


The rated power of 400 wattages is required for the washing and 300 watts of electricity is needed for the spinning. It is an energy-efficient machine. Haier service centers are available in different cities of Pakistan.

The LED display of this fully automatic shows the remaining time and also shows the different error codes. Click here to check the causes and solutions of those fault codes. It has an IPX4 waterproof panel. The spin speed is 1300 (RPM) and the weight is 79 Kg. This Haier 95-1678 automatic washing can also dry your clothes.
Haier 95-1678 Automatic Washing Machine
You can read this complete article for troubleshooting the different faults or error codes with its reason. Haier service centers are available in different cities in Pakistan.

Haier Washing Machine 95-1678 Main Features:

  • Capacity 9.5kg
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Top Lid Tempered Glass
  • Buttons with Knob-Control
  • Energy Efficient
  • Quick Wash
  • Less Noise
  • Storm Wash
  • LED Display
  • 11 Programs
  • IPX4 Waterproof
  • Top Load
  • Fuzzy Logic

Haier Automatic Washing Machine 95-1678 Price in Pakistan 2024, 9.5kg, & Full Specifications:

Model HWM 95-1678
Capacity 9.5kg
Type Top Loading Series
PanelBack of lid
Energy EfficientYes
Child LockYes
Rated Voltage220 volt – 240 volt
Washing (Rated Power) 400 Watt
Spinning (Rated Power) 300 Watt
Net weight36.5kg
Gross weight
Spin Speed OptionYes
Baby CareYes
Number of Programs 11
Cloth Types Cotton, Synthetics, Jeans, Wool, etc
Baby CareYes
Fuse5 Ampere (Rated Current)
Spin Speed 1300 (RPM)
Motor Overheating ProtectionYes
Adjustable Feet Yes – Front
Fuzzy Logic Yes
Dimensions 22.4 x 21.6  x 37 (Width x Depth x Height) (inches)
Warranty 1 Year (Parts), 10 Year (Motor)
Packing list 1 x Automatic machine, Drain hose piper, Bottom plate, 1 x Screw, User manual, Warranty card
Price in PakistanRs: 80000
Disclaimer: We tried our best but we cannot guarantee that the Specs/Prices on this page are 100% correct (Human error is possible). For buying and correct info. always visit the nearest local shop/dealer.
  • This price is valid in all cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Peshawar, Quetta, Murree, and Gilgit.


How to use the control panel 95-1978 washing machine:

This 95-1678 9.5kg fully automatic washing from the Haier brand has many functions to control the functionality of different operations.  The well-made control panel is situated at the back side of the top lid unlike the other models of machines.

Power Button When powering on, please press the “Power Button”.

During power-on mode, Push it to turn off the machine.

If the start/pause button is not pressed within 10 minutes, the machine will automatically switch off the power.

Start/Pause Button Under power-on mode, Pree it to start the machine & push it to pause the machine.
LEDIt displays Time Remaining & in case of any malfunction, it shows error codes.
FunctionsReserve Water, Air Dry, Tub Dry, and Child Lock.
Water Level
Max, High, Mid, Low
Soak Time
40 minutes, 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 10 minutes
Rinse4 Rinses, 3 Rinses, 2 Rinses, 1 Rinses
Spin Time
7 minutes, 6 minutes, 5 minutes, 4 minutes
ProgressShows the current working of the machine. LED red light indicator (Spin, Rinse, Wash, Soak)
Delay WashThis function is used to delay the start of the washer. The delay start function can be set for 2-24 hours of operation.
CottonWashing Cotton Laundries.
EcoFor energy saving.
ExpressSmall laundry loads less than 1.5kg or lightly soiled laundry.
SportsFor washing sports clothes
WoolFor woolen laundries
Soft WashFor small size clothes, T-shirts, etc
DelicateFor delicate items that are machine washable.
TowelsFor washing the towels.
Baby CareFor Washing the baby clothes.
Drum CleanFor cleaning the outer and inner tub to avoid the growth of mildew.

Child Lock:

Press the Delay and Progress buttons together for 3 seconds. LED will indicate CL and then no other buttons will work.

Air Dry:

Select “Air Dry” by pressing the “Function” button. This will dry the fiber laundries and the maximum drying capacity is 2.5kg.

Tub Dry:

Select “Tub Dry” by pressing the “Function” button. This function will dry the inner and outer tub to avoid mildew.

Haier 95-1678 Washing Machine Installation:

The installation of this machine is very easy. The user manual comes with Packing and all steps are mentioned in the user manual for the easiness of an end user. You just need to attach the water piper with your already installed tap.

Reserve Water:

Select “Reserve Water” by pressing the “Function” button. This function will not drain off water unless pressing the start/pause the water will drain in the lower container.

Washing Machine Power Consumption:

Haier 95-1678 fully automatic washing machine consumes electricity of 400 wattages in washing and 300 wattages in spinning.

95-1678 Machine Parts:

It is built with different parts and the details of each part are given below.

Front Parts
Back Parts
Top lid
Back Panel
Control panel
Water level inlet
Detergent box
Inner tubPower cord
Outer tubHook
Filter frameBack cover
CabinetDrain hose
Pulsator2 fixed foot back
Base frame
2 Adjustable leg front

Download this image for Haier 95-1678 Specifications:

Haier Automatic Washing Machine 95 1678 Specifications

Faults with Reason and Trouble-shooting:

Here you can check different error codes in Haier automatic washing machine with their causes and solutions.

اگر واشنگ مشین ٹھیک سے  تےکام نہ کر رہی ہو ہو یا کوئی خرابی آگئی ہو تو واشنگ مشین کا پلگ نکال دیں اور نیچے دی گئی فہرست سے اسے چیک کریں اور نیچے دیے گئے فہرست میں کیا پرابلم ہے اور اس کی مسئلہ کی وجہ اور اس کو کیسے حل کرنا ہے دیا گیا ہے

ErrorProblemCausesHow to solve
E1 The machine does not drain or drain slowly.Is the drain hose blocked?Remove the blockage. Push the Start/Pause Button.
E2 The machine is not running.The top lid is not closed.Close the top lid for solving the issue. Then push the start/stop button once.
E3 The machine does not spin.The laundry is placed unevenly in the machineRedistribute the load evenly. Press the start/stop button.
E4 Water issue.Water supply is interrupted/tap closes/low water pressure/inlet valve blocked/drain hose set too low.Clean the water inlet valve/Drain hose should be between 800mm-1200mm. Press the start/stop button.
FC The failure of communication between the display panel board and the motor driver.Communication failure.Please contact Haier customer care.
E9 Communication failure between show board and power board.Please contact customer care.
F2Overflow error.Please contact customer care.
E8 The door lock broke.Please contact customer care.
FA The washing machine water level sensor has failed.The sensor has failed.Please contact customer care.

Haier Washing Machine Warranty:

The Haier company provides 12 months of parts and a 10-year motor warranty on the Haier washing machine 9.5kg model.

Packing List:

Please check its complete packing list from the below table.

اس آٹومیٹک مشین کے ساتھ ساتھ جو چیزیں آئیں گی ان کی تفصیل نیچے فہرست میں ہے

Haier HMW95-1678 Washing Machine 9.5kg
Water inlet hose
Bottom plate
User manual
Warranty cardOne

Haier Helpline Number:

The contact number/helpline number of Haier company is (042) 111142437 (Monday to Sunday).

Haier 95-1678 Control Panel Image:

For a better understanding of the washing machine control panel functions for our website visitors. Check the image below.
Check Haier 95 1678 Control Panel

Haier Customer Services Centers Contact Number and Address in Pakistan:

Please make sure to call it before visiting the Haier services centers in Pakistan.

Services Centers Contact Number & Address
Lahore – 1Tel: 042-35442377-78
Address: 75-B, Abu Bakar Block, Garden Town
Lahore – 2Tel: 042-35117863, 042-35122333
Address: 62-2C2, near Butt Chowk, Township
Lahore – 3Tel: 042-36882083
Address: 33-Larax Colony, Near Shell Petrol Pump, Mughalpura Chowk
Karachi – 1Tel: 021-34817835
Address: C-16, Block No.5, Rashid Minhas Road, Near NIPA Gulshan Iqbal
Karachi – 2Tel: 021-35882301-2
Address: Plot # 27/C, Sunset Lane 1, Phase 2 Extension DHA, Near A-One Snacks
Karachi – 3Tel: 021-36673191-2
Address: B67, Black # A, North Nazimabad, Back Side Star CNG Pump
Karachi – 4Tel: 021-3400306
Address: Plot No. 64, Sweet Home Land, Model Colony, Malir
RawalpindiTel: 051-4940608, 051-4940609, 051-4940636
Address: House No. B-504, Block-B, 4th Road, National Market, Satellite Town
PeshawarTel: 091-2261910
Address: Zenit Plaza, GT Road, Near Old Haji Camp
FaisalabadTel: 041-2620876-77
Address: 36/8, New Civil Lines, Behind State Bank of Pakistan
QuettaTel: 081-2661342
Address: House No. B3, Mekangi Road, Opposite Qadri Parking
DG KhanTel: 064-2466883
Address: Block No. 18, Near Darbar-e-Jahanian, West Manka Canal Road
BahawalpurTel: 062-2883015-16, 062-2888264
Address: House Muhammad Hussain Shaheed Road, Model Town A, Near Passport Office
SukkurTel: 071-5804566, 071-5804565
Address: Banglow No. A169, Sindhi Co-Operative Housing Society, Near Sirina Guest House Airport Road.
SargodhaTel: 048-3741528
Address: House No. 150/151, Street No. 9, Farooq Colony.
JhelumTel: 054-4620250
Address: Flat # 5, Iqbal Library Road, Noor Plaza,
GujranwalaTel: 055-3847177
Address: House No. 4, Near Meezan Bank, Allahee Buksh Street, Main D C Road.
MultanTel: 061-6778160, 061-6770057
Address: House # 1165A, Opposite Daewoo Terminal, Shafi Abad, Khanewal Road
HyderabadTel: 022-3862792
Address: House No. B52-C, Unit NO. 5B,  Near Meezan Bank, Latifabad
SialkotTel: 052-4261055
Address: Nishat Park, Paris Road, Near Jinnah House
SahiwalTel: 040-4509117, 040-4509116
Address: House No. B52-C, Unit NO. 5B,  Near Meezan Bank, Latifabad

HMW 95-1678 Features via Image:

Check Haier Automatic Washing Machine HMW95 1678 Features via image

Haier Fully Automatic Washing Machines Top Load Models List:

Haier Washing Machine 20kg HWM 200-1678
Haier HS 150-B1978 S9
HWM 150-866
HWM 150-1789
HWM 150-1678
HWM 150-1708
HWM 150-826
HWM 120-1789 BG
HWM 120-B1978 S9
HWM 120-1678
HWM 95-1678
HWM 90-1789
HWM 85-7288
HWM 85-1708
HWM 85-826
HWM 85-7288
HWM 75-918

The installation of the Haier automatic washing machine is very simple.

Step 1: Connect the water inlet pipe with your already installed tap. Tight all the four screws equally.

Step 2: Place the drain pipe in a proper way.

Step 3: Connect the power cord with the electricity point.

Step 4: Turn on the washing machine by pressing the Power button from the control panel.

The current price of Haier HMW 95-1678 in Pakistan 2022 is 53,500.

This 9.5kg model consumes 400 watts of electricity and you can also run this on UPS, generator, and solar panels inverter.



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