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Inverex 1.5 Ton Solar AC Inverter Price in Pakistan 2024 Specifications Wattage

Inverex 1.5 Ton Solar AC Inverter
Price in Pakistan: Rs. 165,000

DC Inverter


Inverex 1.5 Ton Solar AC Inverter Summary:

Inverex 1.5 Ton Solar AC is capable of heating as well as cooling. This Inverex DC Inverter AC model requires a minimum of 4 to 7 plates of 400-watt solar panels. You can attach this inverter air conditioner directly to your solar panel plates. Inverex Solar AC 1.5 Ton latest price in Pakistan 2024 is 165000.

You have to attach this AC to your electricity because you cannot run this air conditioner without an electricity connection. Only Inverex solar AC 2 Ton can run directly with your panels without grid electricity.

You can save energy up to 80% by installing it in your home or at the office. There is no option for attaching the batteries with this Inverex inverter AC.

It is a smart AC model and auto shifts to WAPDA electricity when solar energy is not available. You can set the temperature range between 16°C to 32°C. It provides a full 18000 BTU and the ideal room size for this 1.5 Ton model is 150 to 160 square feet.

The kit is made of 100% copper and you can attach grid power with this air conditioner of 220 to 240 volts. The user manual with all instructions is written on it available with the packing of hybrid AC.

You can download the specifications or Technical datasheet in PDF format. AC motor is of pure DC and saves the electricity bills. You can attach any model of solar panels with it including Inverex Solar Panels, Canadian, Longi, Trina, etc.

Inverex 1.5 Ton AC Wattage Consumption:

Inverex solar AC 1.5 ton consumes electricity of 185 to 2100 watts and this is a rated input power for cooling. The rated input power of heating is 220 to 2500 watts.

Ampere Consumption:

The rated electricity consumption for cooling in amperes is 1 to 9.5 amperes. When the room temperature equals the temperature of this air conditioner. Then it consumes less power because of its inverter technology.

Inverex Solar AC 1.5 Ton Features:

  • Full 18000BTU
  • Works directly with Solar Panel
  • Built-in MPPT
  • Cooling and Heating
  • Full DC Inverter
  • All motors are BLDC
  • Real time-sharing
  • Wifi Control
  • 100% copper
  • 80% Energy Saving
  • T3 Compressor
  • Can work at 55°C
  • 5 years warranty
  • Low Watts Consumption


Inverex 1.5 Ton Solar AC Inverter Price in Pakistan 2024, Wattage Consumption & Specifications

TypeDC Inverter (Full DC)
Capacity1.5 Ton
Compressor TypeRotary Inverter
Compressor ManufacturerPanasonic
Compressor can work at55°C
Turbo coolingYes
Electricity savingup to 80%
Wi-fi Monitoring
Compatible with solarYes
Compatible with electricityYes
Real time-sharingYes
Ideal room sizeup to 150-160 Square Foot
Pipe100% copper
MPPT charge controllerBuilt-in
Solar Panel required4 to 9 plates (300 watts), 4 to 7 plates (400 watts)
AC Input Voltage220V-240Volt
Temperature Range Cooling16°C~32°C
Works without GridNo
80-380 VDC
MPPT DC Input12 Ampere
Low DC Watts Operation
Monitoring Application NameSOLAR AIRCON
Input Wattage:
Rated input wattage (Cooling)
1400 (185-2100) watts
Rated input wattage (Heating)1770 (220-2500) watts
More Info:
Price in Pakistan165000
Warranty5 Years
Disclaimer: Dear visitors, We did our best but we cannot guarantee that the Specs/Prices on this page are 100% correct (Human error is possible). For correct info. always visit the nearest local shop.
  • This price is valid in all cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Peshawar, Sargodha, Sialkot, Jacobabad, Quetta.
  • You can buy online in Pakistan and also from local shops in different cities in Pakistan. You can also avail of the options of Cash on Delivery (COD) of this product from different online stores.

How 1.5 Ton Solar AC works:

The Inverex solar AC 1.5 works directly with solar panel plates. You have to connect the two cables directly from the panels with the air conditioner. You do not need an inverter to attach to the solar panels.

How Inverex Solar AC 1.5 Ton Works

In the package:

Indoor unit
Outdoor unit
Remote control
Indoor AC Backplate
User Manual
Warranty Card

Inverex AC Mobile Application:

You can monitor the air conditioner’s performance and check the different parameters from the mobile phone application. The application name is “SOLAR AIRCON”. You can download and install this Inverex AC application from the Apple Store and Google Play Store on your mobile phone. You can also check the real-time usage of wattage/Ampere from this application.


The compressor of this solar AC is manufactured by Panasonic brand and this is a T3 compressor of the rotary type. That is why it provides high cooling even at 55°C temperature.

Inverex AC Remote Control:

The remote control of this air conditioner is almost like the other remote of different air conditioners. The remote control is the same for all the models of Inverex. It has different buttons:

  • Power On/OFF
  • Temperature Range Button 16°C~32°C
  • Dedicated Button of 26°C
  • Heat
  • Turbo
  • Sleep
  • Swing Control
  • Fan
  • Timer
  • Clock

Specifications via the image:

You can read the technical specs/Datasheet of this air conditioner by reading from this image.

Inverex Solar AC 1.5 Ton Specifications Technical Datasheet

Inverex 1.5 Ton AC Warranty:

The Inverex company provides a warranty of 5 years with some terms and conditions. You can claim the warranty from the different Inverex distributors/dealers across Pakistan.

Inverex Solar AC Models List with Price:

Inverex Solar AC 1 TonRs. 120,000
Solar AC 1.5 TonRs. 165,000
Solar AC 2 TonRs. 205,000


To run the Inverex 1.5 Ton Solar AC, you need 4 to 7 solar panels of 400 watts.

These air conditioners are full DC inverter models. All motors are also of inverter type.

This 1.5 Ton Inverter AC model consumes electricity between 190 to 2100 watts (1 to 9.5 Amperes) in a cooling mode and in a heating mode it consumes electricity between 220 to 2500 watts.

This model also has a function of heating. So you can run this AC in a cold-weather for heating purposes.

You cannot attach the batteries with this model.



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