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Inverex Nitrox 10kW Hybrid Inverter On Grid Price in Pakistan 2024 Specifications

Inverex Nitrox 10KW Hybrid Inverter On Grid
Price in Pakistan: Rs. 444,000



Inverex Nitrox 10kW Hybrid Inverter Summary:

This Inverex 10KW on-grid model is the best option for the solar panel system up to 10 kW. This Inverex Nitrox hybrid inverter is compatible with solar panels up to 600 watts. You can install solar panels with this on-grid inverter up to 13000 wattages.

Inverex 10kW inverter latest price in Pakistan 2024 is 444000 and the user manual of this inverter comes with its packing. By reading the user manual, you can set different settings according to your needs.

This is the Inverex on-grid inverter model and you can feed the electricity to the grid. In this way, you can save your electricity at the maximum level.  Inverex Nitrox 10 KW inverter also has a net metering feature and it gives an efficiency of 98.3% and has different in-built protections.

Its designed life is 20 years and Inverex company provides 5 years of warranty. Inverex dealers and service centers are available in different cities in Pakistan. You can read its datasheet from the table below. This inverter can also work without batteries.

According to our experience, if you install solar panels up to 10000 watts, it gives you AC wattage up to 7000. In this AC wattage, You can run 2 air conditioners (DC Inverter), a refrigerator, LCD TV, Lights, Laptop, an iron, a water pump, and some fans.

If you install solar panels up to 13000 watts with this 10KW 3-phase inverter, You can add more load on this device up to 10 kilowatts and enjoy nonstop electricity. This 5G hybrid inverter is IP65 waterproof and you can install it outdoors. You can also install an Inverex Power wall battery pack with this 5G hybrid solar inverter. Lithium batteries, dry batteries, Tubular batteries, and other types of batteries are also compatible with it.

It has options of attaching two different types of load (Heavy, Normal)

Inverex 10kW Main Features:

  • Zero Export
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Dual MPPT
  • IP65 Ingress Protection
  • WiFi Monitoring
  • 48-volt system
  • High Surge Endurance
  • Can work without batteries
  • Maximum Efficiency 98.3%
  • Supports Panels up to 600 watt
  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • RS485/RS232
  • Compatible with mains voltage and generator power.
  • Hybrid Model
  • On-Grid (Grid feeding option is available)
  • Different Protection
  • 20 years Designed Lifetime
  • Can be installed 13 kW panels
  • Touchscreen Display
  • High DC voltage Range


Inverex Nitrox 10kW Hybrid Inverter On Grid Price in Pakistan 2024 & Full Technical Specifications

Capacity10KW (10000 Watt)
Max. Efficiency
WaterproofYes – IP65
Generator ConnectionYes
Plug & PlayYes
Mobile ApplicationSOLARMAN APP
Grid Connection StandardIEC62109-1-2, VDE4105,NB/T32004 (CQC), EN50438, IEC61727
Designed LifetimeGreater than 20 years
Cooling ConceptIntelligent Cooling
Running Temperature-25~60 °C
Internal ConsumptionLess than 1 watt (Night)
Noise EmissionLess than 30 dB
AC Connection
IP65 rated plug
DC Connection
MC-4 mateable
Dimensions15.15 Width x 18.85 Height x 7.25 Depth (inches)
Weight15 kg
Warranty5 Years
Max. DC Voltage Input
900 volt
Max DC Power
12 kW
Operating Voltage MPPT
200~800 volt
Number of MPPT/Strings Per MPPT2/1
MPPT Efficiency
Max. Efficiency
Euro Efficiency
Max. Active Power11 kW
Rated Output Power10 kW
AC Grid Voltage Range277~460 volt
Rated Grid Voltage Range380~400 volt
Operating Phase3
Grid Frequency50/60 Hz (Rated)
Max. AC Output Current16 Ampere
Rated AC Grid Output Current14.5 Ampere
Output Power Factor1
DC Injection Current (mA)<0.5%
Surge ProtectionYes
Temperature Protection
Ground Fault Monitoring
AC Output Over-current Protection
AC Short Circuit Protection
DC Reverse-Polarity Protection
Output Over-voltage ProtectionYes
More Info:
Price in PakistanRs. 444000
Warranty5 Years
Disclaimer: Dear visitors, We did our best but we cannot guarantee that the Specs/Price on this page is 100% correct (Human error is possible). For correct info. always visit the nearest local shop.
  • This price is valid in all cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Peshawar, Sargodha, Sialkot, Jacobabad, Quetta.
  • You can buy online in Pakistan and also from local shops in different cities in Pakistan. You can also avail the options of Cash on Delivery (COD) of this product from different online stores.

Inverex Nitrox 10KW Inverter with Solar Panels:

This 10 KW inverter has dual MPPT, so with this feature, you can install solar panels of 600 wattages up to 13000 watts in total. You can also attach different wattages of solar panels.

Nitrox 10KW Model MPPT:

It has two MPPT charge controllers. 1 MPPT  is 25 amperes and the second one is 12.5 amperes. So you can attach 2 strings with the first MPPT and 1 string with the second MPPT (A total of 3 strings). The inbuilt solar charger is 210 ampere. This charge controller can also charge 32 to 64 batteries.


You can download an application from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and install it on your mobile phone for viewing the inverter functionality. You can check different parameters from the application.

Application name: “SOLARMAN”

  • Solar Output
  • Load
  • Electricity used
  • grid-feed
  • Etc


The Inverex Nitrox 3-phase inverter width is 15.15 inches, height is 18.85 inches, depth is 7.25 inches and noise emission is less than 30 dB.


The weight of this on-grid inverter is 13 kg and its height is 18.85 inches.

Inverex 10kW Inverter Warranty:

The company provides 5 5-year warranty and you can claim this warranty from dealers across Pakistan.

LCD Buttons:

There are four buttons on the inverter LCD.

  1. Below is the down and decrease button
  2. Above is up and increase button
  3. Right is the Enter button
  4. Left is the ESC button

Inverex Inverter 10 KW Video Review:

Inverex Nitrox 10kW Hybrid Inverter Fault/Error Codes & Fault Reason:

If any fault occurs in the Inverex Nitrox 10KW inverter system, then an error code will display. The alarm of an error code description is listed below.

Fault CodesFault Reason
F01DC input reverse fault
F02DC impedance permanent fault
F03DC leakage current fault
F04Ground fault GFDI (battery and grounding)
F05Read the memory error
F06Write the memory error
F07GFDI blown fuse
F08GFDI grounding touch failure
F09IGBT damaged by excessive drop voltage
F10Auxiliary switch power supply failure
F11Ac main contactor errors
F12AC auxiliary contactor errors
F14DC firmware over current
F15AC firmware over current
F16GFCI(RCD) Ac leakage current fault
F17Three-phase current, over-current fault
F18AC over-current fault of the hardware
F19All hardware failure synthesis
F20DC over-current fault of the hardware
F21DC leakage flow fault
F22Crash stop (if there is a stop button)
F23AC leakage current is transient over current
F24DC insulation impedance failure
F25DC reverse irrigation failure
F26The DC busbar is unbalanced
F27DC end insulation error
F28Inverter 1 DC high fault
F29AC load switch failure
F30AC main contactor failure
F31AC secondary contactor failure
F32Inverter 2 dc high fault
F33AC over current
F34AC current overload
F35No AC grid
F36AC grid phase error
F37AC three-phase voltage imbalance failure
F38AC three-phase current imbalance failure
F39AC over current
F40DC over current
F41AC Line W, U over voltage
F42AC Line W, U low voltage
F43AC Line V, W over voltage
F44AC Line V, W low voltage
F45AC Line U, V over voltage
F46AC Line U, V low voltage
F47AC Over frequency
F48AC lower frequency
F49U phase grid current DC over current
F50V phase grid current DC over current
F51W phase grid current DC over current
F52AC inductor A, phase current DC current high
F53AC inductor B, phase current DC current high
F54AC inductor C, phase current DC current high
F55DC busbar voltage is too high
F56DC busbar voltage is too low
F57AC reverse irrigation
F58AC grid U over current
F59AC grid V over current
F60AC grid W over current
F61Reactor A phase over current
F62Reactor B phase over current
F63Reactor C phase over current
F64IGBT heat sink high temperature

In the package:

On-Grid Hybrid Inverter1
User Manual1
Wifi Plug1
Stainless steel screws M4×124
Stainless steel bolt M6×802
Wall mounting Bracket1
Wrench (L-type Hexagon)1
AC Power Connectors1
Square hole sealing plate (Wi-Fi Function)1
DC Power Connectors
2 Pairs

10 KW on-grid Troubleshooting:

Error CodeQuantity
F15, F18The grid has some surge load
F23Ground error or PV + or – short to the ground
F24PV+ or PV- to the Ground resistance too low
F26Inverter hardware damage or Loss of one phase or poor connection
F41~F48Grid voltage exceeds the normal working range
F35Grid Failure
F55, F56Solar over-voltage / Low voltage

Specifications via the image:

You can read the technical specs/Datasheet by reading from this image.
Inverex Nitrox 10KW Hybrid-Inverter On Grid Specifications

Inverex Inverter Models List:

Veyron 1.2KW MPPT
Veyron 2.5KW MPPT
Veyron IV 3.2KW MPPT
Nitrox 5kW SP-5G Hybrid
Nitrox 5kW Hybrid
Veyron 5.2kW MPPT
Nitrox 6kw On-grid
Aerox Plus 5.2KW
Nitrox 10KW On-grid
20KW On-grid


Yes. You can run Inverex 10KW hybrid inverter without batteries.

You can install solar panels up to 13000 watts with this inverter.

This model supports panels up to 600 watts and you can also install different wattage of panels with this 5G 3 phase inverter.

This Inverex 10KW inverter has dual MPPT. You can attach 3 strings of solar panels with this device.

You can attach 4 air conditioners of 1.5 Ton capacity.

Yes. This Inverex model supports net metering and you also feed the electricity to the grid.



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