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Changhong Ruba AC Price in Pakistan 2024, Models, DC Inverter, 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton, Price List

Changhong Ruba
Changhong Ruba is a company of consumer electronics manufacturer included Air ConditionerChanghong Ruba AC 2024 models and previous models available in Pakistan of different capacities of cooling and heating. Changhong Ruba is making Air Conditioners (AC) in 0.75 Ton, 1, 1.5, 2, 4, Ton Split AC, DC Inverter, and Floor Standing models. Changhong Ruba AC price in Pakistan starting from 33000. Its energy-saving DC Inverter models consume less wattage. Watch a video review at the end of this page.

This company is established in 1958, Changhong is one of the largest electronics providers in China. Ruba group, based in Dubai and Singapore, has collaborated with Changhong to establish the new innovative brand “Changhong Ruba” for the Pakistan market. The latest price of the Changhong Ruba air conditioner is given below.


Changhong Ruba AC Price Pakistan 2024, 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton, DC Inverter, Floor Standing, Heating, Cooling and Latest Models

1 Ton 12JE AC
Rs. 33,000

1 Ton Inverter CSDC-12DE
Rs. 51,000

1.5 Ton CSC-18JT3F
Rs. 48,000

1.5 Ton CSDH-18KE
Rs. 61,000

1.5 Ton 18FD AC
Rs. 51,000

1.5 Ton 18JE
Rs. 50,000

1.5 Ton 18Y4DB
Rs. 49,500

2 Ton CSC-24KF
Rs. 60,000

2 Ton 24KE
Rs. 60,000

Changhong Ruba 4 Ton KF 120LWB1 Floor Standing AC
Rs. 150,000

More Models

Changhong Ruba Air Conditioners are available with Three years compressor and 1-year parts warranty.  You can buy these ACs in Pakistan from different online stores, local shops, or from its dealers around Pakistan. Each Air Conditioner comes with the inner unit, outer unit, Remote control, pipe, and Manual.

Changhong Ruba AC Price in Pakistan 2024 List

Changhong Ruba Air Conditioner Model
DC Inverter
Price (PKR)
12JE 1 No (Cool only) 33,000
CSDC-12DE 1 No (Heat & Cool) 51,000
CSC-12JT3F 1 No (Cool only) 34,500
CSC-12KF 1 No (Cool only) 32,000
CSDH-12GA01G 1 Yes (Heat & Cool) 50,000
CSDH-12SA02G 1 Yes (Heat & Cool) 52,500
CSC-18JT3F 1.5 No (Cool only) 48,000
CSDH-18KE 1.5 Yes (Heat & Cool) 61,000
18FD 1.5 No (Cool only) 51,000
18JE 1.5 No (Cool only) 50,000
18Y4DB 1.5 No (Cool only) 49,500
CSC-18KF 1.5 No (Cool only) 40,000
CSC-18JT3F 1.5 No (Cool only) 47,000
CSDH-18WA03G 1.5 Yes (Heat & Cool) 68,000
CSDH-18SA02G 1.5 Yes (Heat & Cool) 69,500
CSDH-18GA01G 1.5 Yes (Heat & Cool) 71,000
CSDH-18ODG T3 1.5 Yes (Heat & Cool) 80,000
CSH-18KF 1.5 No (Heat & Cool) 46,000
CSC-18QBF 1.5 No (Cool only) 42,000
CSC-24KF 2 No (Cool only) 65,000
24KE 2 No (Cool only) 60,000
CSDH-24GA01G 2 Yes (Heat & Cool) 70,000
KF-71LW/R (Floor Standing) 2 No (Cool only) 100,000
KF-120LWB1 (Floor Standing) 4 No (Cool only) 160,000


These air conditioners price is valid in all cities including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Peshawar, Quetta, Gilgit.


Disclaimer: We tried our best, but we cannot guarantee that the Price & other info. of AC on this page is 100% correct (Human error is possible). For correct Specs & Price always visit the nearest local shop.

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